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CISV Toronto COVID-19 Update - March 18 2020

The situation we face with COVID-19 and the response of various countries and levels of government is evolving rapidly. We will continue to listen carefully to guidance from our government, leading health authorities, CISV International and CISV Canada.  

The CISV Toronto Board has taken the difficult decision to cancel all March and April programmes and put all May programmes on hold for now. Our March / April JB events will not proceed.

CISV Canada has put all of our upcoming national events i.e. regional staff and leader training and the National Junior Branch Training on hold. These events are not cancelled at this time but they are making no additional travel arrangements for participants for the time being. 


Our decision is consistent with CISV International which has cancelled all April programmes.  These actions are being taken to help slow the rate of COVID-19 infection in our communities and to protect vulnerable populations including seniors, people with compromised immune systems, and individuals experiencing homelessness. The CISV Canada Board and CISV Toronto are focused on ensuring the health and welfare of our participants, families and volunteers. 

While summer programs have not been cancelled, we are asking families to hold off booking travel to their programs until April and until we advise to do so.  We should have additional information from the International Organization and CISV Canada by then and be able to provide better informed guidance on how to proceed. We know this means there is a degree of uncertainty for all of us, and would ask everyone to be as patient as you can.

CISV Canada will be providing regular updates and the Toronto Executive will endeavour to keep you informed throughout this process. 

 Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns chair@cisvtoronto.org

Stay safe and healthy,

CISV Toronto Board

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