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CISV Toronto COVID-19 Update

The ongoing COVID-19 health situation continues to have a great impact on all CISV International and National programs, training and local in person activities.

We received formal communication from CISV National that Canada will not be participating in any youth programs for the summer, either hosting or sending programs.  We understand and share your disappointment with the loss of such great opportunities, but we support CISV Canada’s position in putting the safety and health of our youth, leaders, and volunteers above everything.

It is heartbreaking news to communicate to our membership, but we are working on ways to balance this loss of travelling programmes and keep our kids and families engaged with CISV.

The Toronto Board will continue to meet virtually and will now focus on planning future Chapter events that we can implement when government officials have deemed it to be safe. We will look for virtual, positive and unique ways to stay connected under these very unusual circumstances.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Thank you all for the continuous support of our chapter, your membership renewals, and your continued involvement in our virtual activities in the upcoming year.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns chair@cisvtoronto.org 


We look forward to resuming regular CISV programmes, activities and fun, but until then ... stay safe and healthy,


CISV Toronto Board

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Peace Education

CISV is a Peace Education organization acting to make a positive impact in the world. But what does “Peace Education” mean? Simply put, Peace Education looks at local and global issues, recognising that peace can mean much more than the absence of war. Peace Education is a way of learning about issues that are seen to be the root causes of social injustice and conflict. The purpose behind Peace Education is to develop the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge needed in order to act for positive change; in other words, to help individuals to become Active Global Citizens.

Experiential Learning

'Learning by doing’, or ‘Experiential Learning’ is simply a way of saying learning through direct, personal experience, rather than from reading books or listening to lectures. It is the basic educational approach of all CISV Programmes and this process is referred to as ‘Experiential Learning’. Our educational principles underpin all of our educational programmes and activities. 

We believe we can help change the world through transformative experiences and friendships .