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Step UP

A camp-based program for 14-15 year olds, lasting 23 days

The first Step Up was held in 1985

CISV’s Step Up program encourages young people to take a leading role in planning and organizing activities. The participants and their adult leaders use CISV’s peace education to guide the theme of the camp around which they plan activities, such as identity, democracy, or environmental protection.

Step Up delegations come from nine countries and are comprised of four young people, who are accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff.

Taking part in Step Up gives you the amazing opportunity to learn about important issues that affect us all and how they are thought about and dealt with in different countries and cultures. You will think about how you will take your new knowledge and leadership skills and make active use of them in your school or community. Just as importantly, you will have fun and make new and lasting friendships.

Youth must be turning 14 during the calendar year for the 14 year old StepUp program, and turning 15 years old during the calendar year for the 15 year old StepUp program.

Have any questions about Step Ups? Send us an email. 

Want to participate in a Step Up? 

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