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Volunteer with CISV

CISV is a global, volunteer-led organization committed to working for a more just and peaceful world. We do this through a commitment to local and global community service.

Every year, our dedicated and passionate volunteers of all ages give their expertise, skills, life experience, energy, and time to run our Chapter, programmes, and Junior Branche. Whether you’re 16 or 60, you can offer an hour or two every month or give a more regular commitment. There are many exciting and flexible ways for you to get involved with CISV.

Our activities and programmes simply could not happen without our committed volunteers.

Come and join us!

Programmes & Events

CISV is entirely volunteer run.  Join us to make CISV events and programmes successful!

Quick & Easy Volunteer Tasks including homestays
Various single event/activity tasks including hosting international visitors.   

Annual Volunteer Roles

Please let us know what your interests and skills are and we'll match you to a role.

Adult volunteers must be at least 21 years old and will need to provide a copy of their criminal record check to our risk managers. If you are new to CISV and do not have a CRC, an online application can be forwarded.

 Questions? send us an email for more info. 


6-12 CISV Tor Board at Picnic.jpg

Board of Directors

The CISV Toronto board organizes and runs our local and international programmes, runs local activities, and recruits new members.


We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers to help with their regular work – fundraising, marketing, training, and recruitment. Whatever skills and interest you have and however much time you are able to offer, we are interested in hearing from you!

Leadersip Anchor

Become a Leader

CISV leaders volunteer their time to support a group of delegates through a life-changing travel experience. You’ll be responsible for providing supervision and care for participants during travel and throughout the programme as well as planning and participating in activities and educational content.​

The most exciting aspect of volunteering with CISV is the opportunity to meet other CISV volunteers and children in your community and from around the world, and make friendships for life. But you will also be building your own skills in:

• Facilitation
• Leadership
• Organization
• Interpersonal skills
• Teamwork
• Problem-solving


Plus, you get a free trip to another part of the world, with many chances to connect deeply with the culture and people.

CISV Toronto leaders are carefully selected from applicants who are 21 or over, demonstrate a strong interest in the goals and philosophy of CISV and have the maturity and experience to handle the responsibilities assigned to them.

Leadership Anchor

Want to know more about volunteering with CISV? 

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