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A camp-based program for 11-year-olds lasting 28 days

The first Village, our original program, was held in 1951.

CISV Villages are international camps that bring 11 years olds together  to learn from each other and the world around them. The children come together from many different countries to take part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.


Each Village welcomes delegations from 10-12 countries. Each delegation has 4 youth, accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff, supported by Junior Counsellors (age 16-17).  Youth must be turning 11 during the calendar year of the program.

A Village creates a safe, fun setting in which your child will learn, with children from around the world, about each others’ lives and cultures and how to communicate, cooperate, and live together. The Village learning experience, and the friendships they make, will last your child a lifetime.


Have any question about villages? Send us an email. 

See  and hear the impact Village had on these children, in their own words. The children in Dear mom and dad, a beautiful video filmed and produced by our partner momondo, say it better than we ever could!

Want to participate in a Village? 

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