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Leaders and Staff

Are you ready to take the lead?

Most CISV programs are designed for children, but they also provide very educational, enlightening experience for the adults. Adult leaders play a key role in Village and Youth Meetings. In a Village, the team of leaders, along with the Junior Counselors, carry out the day to day program of the camp. They plan the activities and shape the experience for the 11 year old participants. In a Youth Meeting, the leaders plan and guide the participants in their program theme and activities. In a Step Up program, the leader's role is more akin to that of a facilitator, as the participants themselves plan the camp's activities with the guidance of the adult leaders. Each program also has staff who help manage the day to day running of the camp.

While the leaders focus much of their energy on enriching the children's experience during the day, the late-evening hours provide time for the leaders to have their own CISV experience. After hours, activities are often arranged to enhance cultural understanding among the twenty or more adults who facilitate the program for the children. Just like the children, the adult leaders form lasting friendships with their colleagues from around the world. 

Staff positions are available for 19+. Leadership positions are available for 21+.  All candidates must complete a criminal background check. 

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